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This site is established to help any guy who is new to technology and want to learn more about various Server, Networking related issue ! We will try our best to provide us with the easiest method to start or configure new system. Every topic we post is tested and verified by us so you can always be sure that if you follow our steps you will be able to achieve success.



When you access a webpage the data is sent to you by a device which is called server. Besides the hardware of the server it contains software part. The software which is responsible for processing your data is called service. We have mainly focused on the Operating system category.

  1. Windows
  2. Linux



Communication between devices are managed by network. When you request a service (eg. Webpage) from a server that request will travel via your network connection (eg. LAN, WiFi) and sometimes it will cross oceans !!! So you may guess successfully sending your request via Internet is not as easy at it seems. We have categorized among popular networking devices.

  1. Firewall
  2. Router
  3. Switch 



This new revolution changed the way servers and even networking devices are being managed. Insated of running one Operating System on a single piece of hardware you are now given the opportunity to run multiple systems on a single hardware. You can even run Linux and windows systems on a single hardware at the same time. We will discuss some common virtualization technology.

  1. VMWare
  2. Hyper – V
  3. Citrix
  4. Xen
  5. KVM